Launched: Bulk Invites for Team Members

By Sachin Agarwal   •   October 24, 2018

LaunchDarkly helps all parts of a product delivery organization—engineers, DevOps, PMs, and customer success—do their jobs faster with less risk. With LaunchDarkly feature flags, engineers can land code, operations folks can deploy code, product managers can release code, and customer success and customize experiences independently.

Now, we're making it even easier to share LaunchDarkly with other members of your team—we've redesigned our invitations to be much quicker, allowing you to invite many teammates at once. You can add groups of team members and assign them to the appropriate role, all in one quick step.

This new bulk invite feature allows your team to implement flagging as a best practice by delegating responsibility to the right people on your team If your organization has custom roles, you can assign team members to the correct role right off the bat.

Of course, with the ability to add many users at once, we also provide you with the tools to ensure organizational security. You can enforce multi-factor authentication or enable SSO on the Account Settings > Security page to ensure that each new team member has their own login and is properly secure within your LaunchDarkly environment.

With the new bulk invite feature, it's faster than ever to get your whole team using LaunchDarkly and experiencing the benefits of separating deploys from releases, testing in production, and progressive delivery.

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