Launched: LaunchDarkly Client-side SDK for React Native

By Ben Woskow   •   May 2, 2019

The LaunchDarkly Client-side SDK for React Native has been promoted to general availability (GA)!

But first, what is React Native? React Native allows developers to build Android and iOS apps using JavaScript. Similar to how React allows developers to build rich web applications, React Native allows developers to bring those same skills to cross-platform mobile applications.

React Native is used to build thousands of beloved mobile apps, and today it becomes even more powerful because it can integrate with LaunchDarkly's industry-leading feature management platform.

With this announcement, the LaunchDarkly team has released version 1.0.0 of the React Native SDK. This follows several months in which our customers were able to use beta versions of the SDK to provide our team with early feedback.

Now that this SDK has moved to general availability, this means that:

  • You can feel confident in utilizing LaunchDarkly in your React Native apps to handle production traffic
  • LaunchDarkly will support the React Native SDK at the same level as existing supported SDKs

Check out the SDK reference guide for information on how to get started with it. If you or any customers have questions, please reach out to our support team at

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