The LaunchDarkly Lua SDK is the latest server-side SDK now available in general availability (GA).

You'll be able to manage features where lightweight, portable scripting comes into play—Lua is embedded in many applications and websites, including a number of well-known games. You'll be able to utilize feature flags in your reverse proxies and load balancers just like you already do in your application code.

Use the Lua SDK to feature flag software built in Lua frameworks like luakit, Hammerspoon, KoReader, and many more.

NGINX compatibility

We provide documentation for running the SDK in NGINX. You can use the Lua and C SDKs with the NGINX OpenResty framework, enabling complex control of NGINX functionality. See our hello-NGINX sample application to see how it works.

HAProxy compatibility

You can also use our Lua SDK to manage features and feature rollouts inside HAProxy. We wanted to ensure support for HAProxy since Lua is commonly used for extension. See how it works using our hello-HAProxy sample application.

Manage features together

The Lua server-side SDK takes advantage of calling C-server functions so you can access LaunchDarkly's feature management suite to work with the extremely lightweight scripting capabilities you may use inside an application. Toggling a LaunchDarkly feature flag can result in simultaneous behavioral changes across all platforms within a matter of milliseconds, so if you are scripting within another language or combining with a client-side SDKs, you can manage features together across your entire application stack, including experimentation, percentage rollouts, and user targeting.

Get started

Read the Lua reference guide for information on how to get started. Developers can inline dependencies or install them via their system package manager. Learn about how to embed the SDK in your app, view our open-source code, and run a sample application in our docs.

Don't see your tech stack supported by our SDKs? Email us and let us know!