Platform Architecture

Serving 20 trillion flags daily.

Unrivaled speed, security, and reliability.

Connect from anywhere

Connect from anywhere

Initialize LaunchDarkly SDKs in 25ms with our global flag delivery network.

Process flag updates

Process flag updates in 200ms

Push feature flag changes to every server and client immediately.

Evaluate flags instantly

Evaluate flags instantly

Evaluate flags in-memory. Use unlimited flags. No performance dip.

Streaming architecture

LaunchDarkly uses a real-time streaming connection, ensuring we deliver lightning-fast feature management services for enterprises of any size.

Blazing speeds with streaming

Our streaming technology keeps an always-open connection to your SDKs, letting you turn features on/off instantly—and at a much lower cost than with polling architectures. Other flagging services poll every 30 seconds, hurting performance and causing delays. LaunchDarkly updates flags in 200 milliseconds, ensuring a topflight user experience.

Flag changes pushed instantly with SSE protocol

We use server-sent events (SSE), a protocol for one-way, real-time messaging. Send messages to your servers whenever you change feature flag rules on your dashboard. Our SDKs handle the SSE connection automatically.

Optimized for mobile

Feature flag solutions that constantly poll mobile devices sap your users’ battery and make your costs soar. By default, LaunchDarkly only delivers real-time updates to users that have your app foregrounded on their mobile device, thus preserving their battery life. What’s more, LaunchDarkly’s client-side mobile SDKs initialize in just 25ms.

Consistent experience for all users at all times

Keep your environments consistent regardless of whether you’re updating a front-end feature or migrating to microservices. Polling architectures, due to their lag time when processing flag updates, create a fragmented user experience. But LaunchDarkly dispenses every change to every user and microservice in real-time, ensuring everything is as it should be.

Never worry about reliability

LaunchDarkly puts you at ease with several layers of redundancy.

Resilient solution

All flags are stored locally and backed up by our globally distributed CDN provider. Even if the CDN goes down (we use Fastly, the leading CDN provider), your systems and clients will continue operating with the last set of feature flag rules, so your customers see the right features.

High availability

One of the ways we ensure high availability is through Relay Proxy Enterprise, a microservice that provides an extra layer of redundancy when using LaunchDarkly. Retrieve flags and rules from a local stream, reduce outbound connections, and run in a secure "offline" mode.

Infinite scale

We manage feature flags for some of the largest enterprises in the world, serving more than 20 trillion feature flags worldwide every day. Our streaming architecture ensures we handle your biggest requests promptly, no matter the organization size or scale.

Access controls

Access controls

Allow your entire team to collaborate on important features while still locking down mission-critical aspects of your production environments.

Access controls in LaunchDarkly

Single sign-on and SCIM

Seamlessly manage user access by connecting to SSO providers like Okta, GSuite, OneLogin, and many others.

Bulk invites

Invite a group of users without having to provision the accounts one by one, even if they're assigned custom roles.

Roles and permissions

Prebuilt roles let you quickly give users read, write, or admin access to LaunchDarkly features.

New and deleted flags

Review when new flags are created and old flags are retired.

Feature flags are a critical piece of modern development, and LaunchDarkly brings this part of continuous delivery to the masses.

Rob ZuberCTO

Data security

Protecting your customers’ data is a top concern.

Personal API access tokens

Create your own secure personal API access tokens or use OAuth 2.0 to authenticate with the LaunchDarkly REST API. You're the only one who is allowed to see the tokens you create.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Enforce security policies by enabling MFA for all LaunchDarkly users. Improve the security of your account by requiring a second verification step in addition to entering a password for login.

Session management

Enforce your security policies by managing how long users stay logged in to their account, and how often they need to re-authenticate.