Feature Workflows.

Automate, deliver, and control software with speed, safety, and consistency.


Schedule changes to your flag's targeting rules for a future date and time.

Scheduling a flag change.


Require approvals before making changes to critical feature flags.

Approving a flag change screenshot

Flag Triggers

Automate changes to your feature flags based on metrics from external tools.

A CPU metric triggering a feature flag change in LaunchDarkly

Feature Workflows saves my team time, helps us to avoid mistakes, and enables us to stage automatic rollouts.

James PipeHead of Product

Workflow templates

Use Scheduling, Approvals, and Flag Triggers to create a custom workflow template that you can apply to multiple flags.

Empower more teams

Build and automate multi-step workflows that empower more teams to participate in feature delivery. Use each of these capabilities in isolation, or combine them to create seamless, scalable, and repeatable release workflows.

Ensure consistency

Templates allow you to standardize and reuse custom workflows across your entire organization to ensure consistency and quality in your releases at scale.

API support

We’ve designed our whole platform to be API-first. Build your own integrations on top of our Feature Workflows capabilities.

Feature Flags
Flag Triggers

Unlock feature management

Feature Workflows adds value to every team by automating changes and making them safe and approval-based.

Incremental releases

Incremental releases

Automate and standardize every step of your release process.

Feature flag is off.

Deploy feature to internal teams.

Schedule feature flag to turn on in 3 days for beta segment.

Schedule feature flag to turn on in 5 days for incremental % rollout.

Turn on feature flag to 100%.

Automatic kill switches

Automatic kill switches

Turn off feature flags automatically based on alerts defined in your observability tools.

Feature flag is on.

When CPU is greater than 95%, trigger feature flag to turn off.

Feature flag is off.

Dynamic experiments

Dynamic experiments

Automatically roll out your experiment’s winning variation to 100%.

Feature flag is off.

Deploy A/B test to internal teams.

Schedule feature flag to turn on in 20 days.

Trigger feature flag to turn on for winning variation.

Select winning variation.

Turn on feature flag to 100%.

Customer entitlements

Customer entitlements

Give your product, sales, and customer success teams the ability to control customer access to features—without extra developer overhead.

Feature flag is on.

Add customer to trial segment.

Schedule expiration of 30 days.

Approve customer and add to trial.

Schedule customer to be removed after 30 days.



Define complex changes to flags and segments to be applied at a future date and time.

Set-and-forget releases

Schedule your feature flag to turn on at a specified date and time and let LaunchDarkly do the rest.

Progressive rollouts

Schedule your flag to automatically roll out to 20% of your user base tomorrow, 35% the day after, all the way until it reaches 100%.

Limited-time access or trials

Enable your customers to temporarily test out new features without worrying about managing the cleanup down the road.


Early access

Enforce approvals and compliance policies before making changes to feature flags in critical environments.

Request a peer review

Get peer feedback on proposed flag changes before taking action.

Require approvals for production

Require every change to go through a configured change management process.

Approvals in ServiceNow

Request approvals from users or groups using third-party tracking tools like ServiceNow.

Flag Triggers

Coming soon

Dynamically trigger flag updates based on the metrics from your observability and data analysis tools.

Automated kill switches

Connect to your observability tools and automatically turn a flag on/off if your tools detect a critical service issue.

Metric checks

Ensure that for every experiment the winning variation is automatically rolled out to your customers.

Health checks

Measure performance in your observability tools before letting a feature move on to the next phase of a release.

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We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

IBMMichael McKaySr. Development Manager

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