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Matthieu Labbé, Senior Software Engineer, Hulu & Dominic Hopton, Software Architect, Hulu

Hulu + LaunchDarkly: Using Custom Attributes for Fun & Scale

Learn how Hulu leverages LaunchDarkly custom attributes to smoothly develop & deliver features to 39 million customers.


Matthieu Labbé

Matt is a Senior Software Engineer at Hulu. After years in various application domains and geographic locations, he settled in the Seattle area focusing on the operational aspects of high availability services. He gave up his quixotic quest to get everyone to care about staging uptime to embrace testing in production and become a feature flagging advocate.


Dominic Hopton

Dominic is an Architect at Hulu, focused on their client applications. He’s worked in software for many years, from developer tools to entertainment experiences. He’s always focused on building great user experiences, and accidentally stumbled into how to build & deliver them – which is why he fell in love with feature flags.


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