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Panel: Release Management at Scale

Karishma Irani LaunchDarklyJames Da Costa BrandwatchVivian Taylor iCIMS

We'll talk about challenges associated with practicing feature management at scale and the role that LaunchDarkly plays in automating complex release processes.

Karishma Irani

Karishma is the Product Management Lead at LaunchDarkly, and has spent the last 5 years building Developer Tools with amazing engineering teams. At LaunchDarkly, she strives to help customers adopt good feature management practices and empower their teams to test in production. When she's not building or breaking products, she's drinking coffee, until it's a socially acceptable hour to drink wine.

James Da Costa

James is a Director of Engineering at Brandwatch where he works with several teams to create products which use vast search indexes and machine learning to power interactive dashboards and insight reports.  At Brandwatch he is fortunate to work with smart people building cool stuff. He's an advocate for shipping early, often and using metrics to learn about how features are used. Away from the laptop he's an amateur table tennis and snooker player, competing in local league matches.

Vivian Taylor

Vivian is a release manager responsible for the deployment and coordination of 40+ features per release to over 3000 customers. As part of this role, she also manages internal communications around new features and improvements. She currently works at iCIMS, a company that provides an award-winning platform that empowers business leaders to attract, engage, hire, and advance the best talent. She has a background in Computer Engineering and her previous work experience includes project management and quality assurance. In her free time, you can find Vivian weight lifting at the gym or hanging on the couch with her rescue dog, Moxxi.