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Launching Darkly at Large Organizations

Aaron Kaka  Pearson

How do you realize the advantages of feature management and A/B testing at a large software-driven business that has yet to make it a best practice?

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Aaron Kaka

Aaron is an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) in membership of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (MIET), and has a history of front end and middleware development success across the healthcare supply, benefits, insurance, and defense industries. Moreover, he served his nation honorably in managing critical IT systems as a United States Air Force officer.

Aaron's current mission at Pearson, the world's leading digital learning company, is to collaborate with product, engineering, user experience design, and enterprise architecture to build effective instruction and personalized learning at scale through the application of innovative web technologies. His personal philosophy aligns with Pearson's goal for its customers: "Always Learning". Aaron has successfully architected Higher Education instructor and learner experiences on a global learning platform.