Application modernization

Migrate and modernize applications safely.

Accelerate your journey to the cloud, microservices, and beyond with fine-grained control every step of the way.

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Your cloud journey needn’t be so stressful

LaunchDarkly feature flags reduce the risk of modernizing infrastructure and applications dramatically.

Migrate gradually and at your own pace

Roll out major back-end changes in small increments. Control which requests and data go where.

Avoid outages, data loss, and performance issues

Rest easy with instant rollbacks. Catch issues early and resolve them automatically.

Reduce infrastructure costs significantly

Cut down on expensive staging environments. Refactor apps efficiently with feature flags.

Continuously deliver software to the cloud

Don’t just swap out legacy systems and call it a day. Fundamentally change how you deliver software.

TrueCar migrates 500 websites to AWS Cloud successfully with LaunchDarkly.

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Migrate gradually

Migrate with control

LaunchDarkly feature flags give you the control and safeguards to speed up digital transformation.

Employ granular targeting

Seamlessly route user traffic, requests, and data between specific legacy and cloud endpoints. Create targeting rules that allow you to deploy new infrastructure and microservices with extreme precision.

Roll out gradually, ease your way to 100%

Progressively migrate on-premises workloads to the cloud. Move small portions of your application at a time. Enable databases, microservices, and containerized apps for a well-defined subset of users with feature flags.

A/B test in production

Ensure things work as they should on production servers at every stage. Test your new cloud infrastructure, databases, and microservices with live data and users. And do so with confidence.

Avoid outages

Modernize with no alarms and no surprises

Implement new systems with little-to-no downtime or data loss.

Remove anxiety with instant rollbacks

Avoid major disruptions. If something goes wrong when deploying cloud infrastructure or breaking down your monolith into microservices, hit a kill swith (feature flag) to resolve the issue in 200ms. No redeploy required!

Contextualize errors to fix them faster

Get a 360-degree view of every change you make during a migration. By integrating LaunchDarkly feature flag data and audit logs with your APM, you can find the root-cause of an incident faster. And you can act swiftly.

Resolve migration incidents automatically

Put out would-be fires without doing a thing. With Flag Triggers, when a flagged feature causes production errors, your APM notifies LaunchDarkly, in turn, disabling the relevant flag in real-time.

Reduce costs

Reduce infrastructure costs

LaunchDarkly enables significant cost-savings both during and after a digital migration.

Eliminate staging environments

Save thousands on infrastructure bills by testing in production with LaunchDarkly. Removing staging environments and limiting drift across environments yield appreciable cost-savings for enterprises.

Refactor apps for the cloud

A lift-and-shift migration prevents you from realizing the full benefits of the cloud (e.g., elastic resource consumption). Maximize your cloud investment by refactoring your app with LaunchDarkly.

Modernize in perpetuity

Continue to enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits that cloud technologies and new software delivery models provide over the long-term. Create a repeatable blueprint for safe migrations with LaunchDarkly.

Continuously deliver

Ship features to the cloud continuously

LaunchDarkly drives low-risk CI/CD, DevOps transformation, and other modern development practices.

Decouple deployments from releases

Radically increase developer productivity. Let developers confidently ship code to production multiple times a day. And let business stakeholders, like product managers, release that code to end-users at the perfect time.

End merge conflicts

Do away with PR bottlenecks and painful merge conflicts. Use feature flags to protect unfinished code in the main branch while you continuously deploy. When flagged code gets shipped, users are none the wiser.

Efficiently deliver topflight experiences

Create detailed user segments and deliver personalized digital experiences. Release features to specific users based on geography, feature preferences, and other custom attributes with less developer overhead.

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