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Risk-free digital transformation.

Feature management gives developers at federal agencies the control they need to modernize safely.

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Feature management for the U.S. federal government

LaunchDarkly empowers more than a dozen federal agencies to safely deliver and control software through feature flags.

U.S. Federal Healthcare

Major federal healthcare providers and insurers use LaunchDarkly to pursue digital innovation and achieve greater resiliency. LaunchDarkly is mission-critical infrastructure for the federal websites, mobile applications, and software upon which millions of patients rely. With LaunchDarkly, federal healthcare agencies have increased their deployment frequency while reducing the time to recover from incidents.

U.S. National Parks

A multi-agency consortium uses LaunchDarkly to manage features across the entire Recreation.gov website. Recreation.gov supports 4.2M online transactions annually and is an essential service for millions of travelers wanting a taste of the American outdoors. With LaunchDarkly, engineers do trunk-based development, perform targeted rollouts, and fearlessly deploy new functionality.

U.S. Federal Credit Unions

Financial institutions serving federal employees use LaunchDarkly to control releases and maintain secure, reliable infrastructure. Through feature flags, they provide better digital experiences, deliver more consistent value, and build greater trust with members. LaunchDarkly is instrumental to U.S. federal credit unions’ digital transformation initiatives.

Benefits of feature management

Deploy software without fear, resolve incidents without stress, and migrate infrastructure without worry.

Standardize safe releases

Deliver incremental software changes with virtually no risk. Test code in production early and often.

Confidently migrate your systems

Perform controlled cloud migrations and move to microservices with feature flags. Little-to-no downtime.

Improve reliability and availability

Resolve incidents with one toggle. Or avoid them altogether. Rest easy with instant rollbacks.

Feature flags enable Recreation.gov to silently validate releases in production before public sales and rapidly configure features in real-time.

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Martin FolkoffChief Technologist

Release faster

Innovate faster but in a controlled way

LaunchDarkly gives software engineers at federal agencies the safeguards to ship code more frequently.

Deploy when you want, release when you’re ready

Get all the benefits of agile development and continuous delivery without the risk. LaunchDarkly separates code deployment from feature releases, so developers can ship code whenever they want without impacting end-users. Wait to release features until you’re confident they’ll perform well.

Test in production early and often

Know whether a code change will break production long before it’s ever released to users. LaunchDarkly feature flags allow you to safely test features in production with a small cohort. Measure the impact of new functionality on system performance early.

Progressively deliver changes

Move fast but with control. Progressive Delivery is a new software development lifecycle that enables safe CI/CD through feature flags. Run canary tests and perform gradual rollouts in production. As a new feature clears key benchmarks, progressively release it to a wider audience.

Migrate safely

Safely migrate your software systems

Modernize your infrastructure while maintaining perfect operational health. Use feature flags to perform cloud migrations, adopt new databases, and move to microservices with fine-grained control.

Cloud migrations

Enjoy the smoothest cloud migrations imaginable. Use feature flags to gradually stand up your new cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, etc.) alongside legacy systems. Test it every step of the way. If errors occur, halt the rollout with a kill switch. If the coast is clear, proceed until you've migrated 100% of traffic.

Database migrations

When migrating to a new database, use feature flags to perform a phased rollout of the new system. At the start, route, say, 100% of ‘read’ and ‘write’ events to the old database, while duplicating 10% of the write events and pushing them to the new database. As you monitor performance, move to the next phase and funnel more requests to the new system.

Microservices migrations

Overcome unexpected roadblocks when migrating from a monolith to microservices. Progressively direct new data, traffic, and requests to the new architecture. Use LaunchDarkly to control the behavior of multiple microservices with a single feature flag. Trust that when you make a flag change, it won't bring down any services.

Improve reliability

Ensure near-perfect availability and reliability

Disable buggy code in one click, and change configurations on the fly. You control everything in real-time. No more cumbersome rollbacks, config file changes, or redeploys.

Remove anxiety with instant rollbacks

Improve your mean time to restore service (MTTR) ten-fold. LaunchDarkly feature flags allow you to turn off any feature or code path within 200ms. No need to stay up all night rolling back code and deploying emergency fixes. Globally control features across multiple applications with a single switch.

Monitor and troubleshoot features

Elite software teams use LaunchDarkly's feature management platform to troubleshoot and resolve issues in real-time. When DevOps engineers and SREs spot an issue, they use LaunchDarkly’s Audit Log to pinpoint the source, get a clear idea of what happened, and take appropriate action.

Make changes on the fly to preserve uptime

Dynamically change configurations to keep your service afloat no matter what. Just wrap key features, microservices, and third-party integrations in feature flags. When incidents occur, immediately switch to a failover option, alter API rate limits, and change log levels without pushing new code.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

IBMMichael McKaySr. Development Manager

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