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Feature Flagging is for Everyone

How to include non-technical users in feature management.

About This Webinar

Back to basics—it’s midsummer in the northern hemisphere and most of us are between big projects. Join our feature management experts to get a stronger understanding of what people mean when they say “feature flags”, “feature management”, “canary launches”, and even “progressive deployment”. Check out this conversation between LaunchDarkly’s VP Product and Developer Advocate.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Cultural and organizational changes to consider when adopting feature flags.
  • Uses for non-technical users—dark launches, AB testing, betas, scheduled releases, entitlements, customer feedback, and up-sells among other things.
  • Feature flagging best practices for cross-functional teams that work together.
Aaron ChambersSenior Software Engineer
Emily VoigtlanderDeveloper Advocate
Sachin AgarwalPrincipal Product Manager