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Getting Started with Feature Flagging

Get Started with Feature Flagging

About This Webinar

Back to basics—it’s midsummer in the northern hemisphere and most of us are between big projects. Join our feature management experts to get a stronger understanding of what people mean when they say “feature flags”, “feature management”, “canary launches”, and even “progressive deployment”. Check out this conversation between LaunchDarkly’s VP Product and Developer Advocate.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Use cases for feature flagging across Dev, Ops, QA & Product.
  • Feature flagging for green vs. brown field projects.
  • Best practices for different levels of feature flagging > feature management.
  • What to consider when building an internal feature flag system.
  • How to convert a code base to using feature management.
  • What’s next after Continuous Delivery? (Hint: Progressive Delivery).
Adam ZimmanVP of Product & Marketing
Heidi WaterhouseDeveloper Advocate