Making Moves: How to Ditch the Monolith and Dodge Risk

"The whole point of microservices is to enable teams to develop, deploy and scale independently." -Cindy Sridharan, @copyconstruct

About this Webinar

Containerization, microservices, and service orchestration have seen high adoption as developers and operators have recognized the significant advantages of tools like Docker and Kubernetes. A driving factor behind this shift is the benefit of having multiple teams iterating on systems without blocking each other. But because this approach also increases the risk of introducing bugs or regressions, teams are using canary deployments and feature flags to safely test and validate changes against a subset of production traffic without affecting an entire user population.

What you will learn:

Our Panelists

Michael McKay

Lead DevOps Engineer at IBM

Isaac Mosquera

CTO at

Adam Zimman

VP Product & Marketing at LaunchDarkly

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