Accelerating Remediation with Automation

Control your ops with LaunchDarkly + Dynatrace

About This Webinar

The combination of LaunchDarkly and Dynatrace gives you the power to see, understand, and control your operations environment. You can trace problems and use feature flags to turn off misbehaving components automatically or manually. You can also set alerts to take different actions, depending on the risk level. A slowdown may be a small risk, for instance, but someone attacking you with a flood of spurious requests needs to be shut down now and fixed as you have time. Join us on February 25th at 10:00 AM PST to hear Heidi Waterhouse of LaunchDarkly and Rob Jahn of Dynatrace discuss how you can accelerate remediation through automation.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How insights and the ability to control your system work together
  • Integrating SaaS providers from different spaces
  • Using LaunchDarkly and Dynatrace together


  • Introductions | 10 minutes
  • Discussion | 20 minutes
  • Case Study + Live Demo | 15 minutes
  • Q&A | 15 minutes


Heidi Waterhouse

Principal Developer Advocate

Rob Jahn

Technical Partner Manager