Clubhouse is product collaboration and project management software that was built for development teams. If you’re like many other people and the words “project management software” make you wince, Clubhouse has set out to fix that. Since launching in 2016, the NYC-based startup has grown rapidly and is now used by over 70,000 organizations worldwide.

Clubhouse turned to LaunchDarkly when their product team was looking for an experimentation platform that would help them validate ideas faster. They also needed something that would enable rapid iteration with Engineering to shorten release cycles. They chose LaunchDarkly for both its experimentation offering and feature management capabilities that met the needs of their engineering team.

Delivering Value to Users Faster

Clubhouse’s legacy feature flagging system lacked ideal functionality for product managers. To make a feature available or add a user to a certain customer segment, a product manager had to submit a ticket to engineering which could take hours or days to resolve. Once Clubhouse started using LaunchDarkly to separate deploy from release, engineers could deploy a feature to production and allow product managers to control targeting rules with the click of a button. Now, adding a user to a segment or releasing a feature to specific customer groups takes just minutes—and doesn’t require an engineering resource.

“We have multiple team members who had built feature flagging services in the past. We loved how LaunchDarkly handled all of the nasty edge cases for us, while providing the performance and powerful targeting we needed.” – Zach Ozer, VP of Engineering, Clubhouse

Driving Revenue Through Experimentation

Being able to test hypotheses and iterate rapidly has proven successful for Clubhouse. During an initiative to optimize their trial onboarding experience, the product team ran an A/B test using LaunchDarkly on different workflow variants. They found that one variant drove much higher engagement than the other. Without any developer overhead, the product team was able to serve the winning variation to all users by simply updating a flag. This experiment alone resulted in a 30% increase in trial retention.

“We ran an experiment using LaunchDarkly that gave us a 30% increase in post-trial retention—which ultimately leads to more revenue.” – Joey Shampain, Product Manager, Clubhouse

Clubhouse now uses LaunchDarkly to power every experiment and feature release. As the product team matures, they plan to continue adding more experiments and fine-tuning customer experiences to deliver value to users more quickly. In addition, the team plans to explore LaunchDarkly’s integrations with tools like Segment, Amplitude, and Slack to further improve their release processes.