LaunchDarkly vs. Split.

LaunchDarkly is a Split alternative built for modern development workflows. With unmatched scale and powerful experimentation, our platform helps teams efficiently manage the entire feature lifecycle.

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Basic feature flag use cases
Advanced targeting
Streaming architecture
Flag Scheduling
Flag Approvals
Flag Triggers
Approval workflows
Workflow templates
Complete lifecycle management
Data Export
Enterprise team management
20+ integrations
SDKs for every major language
Security and compliance
Relay Proxy Enterprise

The world’s best development teams use LaunchDarkly to build better software, faster.


We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Micheal McKayPrincipal Software Engineer

Why LaunchDarkly?

LaunchDarkly vs. competitors

Built for reliability, resiliency, and ensuring optimal customer experience.


LaunchDarkly vs. Optimizely

Leading feature management and experimentation when you need it.


LaunchDarkly vs. Rollout.io (Cloudbees)

Feature management first. Built for all developers and existing stacks.


Frequently asked questions

Why do engineers, DevOps, and SREs choose LaunchDarkly over Split?

Products often aim to help one team, while creating additional work for other teams. For instance, experimentation tools work great for gathering data on which user experience is performing best, but fall flat at enabling new processes for launching features at scale, supporting DevOps programs, and aiding Ops teams to migrate between service providers without affecting end users. 

LaunchDarkly instead aligns the needs of all teams, starting with developers. We provide a first-class API and powerful, thoughtfully written SDKs to make feature management foundational to your business. When LaunchDarkly is at the foundation, you can empower all teams -- development, operations, product, marketing, and sales -- to participate in providing the best experience for your customers.

Why do product teams choose LaunchDarkly over Split?

In addition to the challenges you face today, LaunchDarkly supports your growth across all areas, including the ability to build feature management practices for any use case needed by your teams.

LaunchDarkly customers use feature management to do everything from: simple A/B testing and experimentation, to advanced roll out strategies such as progressive delivery and ring-based deployments, all the way into actions like complex infrastructure migrations, subscription monitoring (feature entitlements), and customer support.

How much does LaunchDarkly cost?

LaunchDarkly offers 3 pricing tiers.

The LaunchDarkly Starter plan helps small teams reduce time spent building homegrown feature flags for $10/user/month. Starter plans include unlimited feature flags and environments, a feature flag dashboard, access to 25+ SDKs, and integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams.

The LaunchDarkly Pro plan provides large teams scalable feature management and experimentation for $20/user/month. Pro plans include everything in the Starter plan plus: unlimited projects, API controls, reusable segments, flag reviews by peers, and access to all integrations.

Global teams with enterprise needs such as custom roles and permissions, SSO/SAML/SCIM, flag scheduling, required approvals, and bulk user targeting, can contact our sales team for a quote.

More LaunchDarkly pricing details are available on our pricing page.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Michael McKayPrincipal Software Engineer

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