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Jira and LaunchDarkly together give teams more visibility and great control over feature releases, so they can move faster with confidence.

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Giving teams context

We all know that feeling when a new feature has just been released. Customer Success and Marketing want to understand what exactly Ops turned on, and Ops wants to understand what Dev pushed over to them.

Introducing LaunchDarkly for Jira

Teams already use Jira and LaunchDarkly to manage their product release processes—now they can use them together. With feature flagging information in Jira, teams can quickly and easily access critical information around a feature release from a single place, enabling them to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

From Jira, teams have visibility into whether a feature flag has been turned on and what percentage of customers are experiencing it. Team members can also drill into an issue and see what feature flags are associated with it.

With better visibility and greater control over all aspects of a feature release, teams can be more confident they’re focusing on the right things and move faster.

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Feature management

Product teams use LaunchDarkly to release features when they want, independent of code deployments. With our feature management platform, these teams use custom targeting rules and percentage rollouts to maintain granular control over user experience. They also safely test in production and get valuable feedback faster.

Issue & project management

Issue & project management

Jira is the #1 software development tool used by agile teams to plan, track, and release great software. Built for all team members, Jira enables collaboration by providing everyone with visibility into important information for planning and coordinating projects, tracking progress, and reporting results in real-time.

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Streamline communication across teams by bringing valuable context about feature flags into Jira issues. Get the LaunchDarkly for Jira integration in the Jira Marketplace, and read our docs for instructions on how to set up the integration.

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