Accelerate digital transformation.

Feature management gives you the safeguards to innovate faster in a software-powered world.

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Modernize your business with feature management

Outpace competitors by putting feature flags at the heart of your development practices.

Standardize fast, risk-free releases

Deploy features whenever you want. Release to users when ready. Test code in production ahead of time.

Safely migrate your systems

Perform controlled cloud migrations and move to microservices with feature flags. Little-to-no downtime.

Improve reliability and availability

Deliver incremental changes to your systems with zero risk. Rest easy with instant rollbacks.

Shrink the time-to-value for features

Seamlessly measure the impact of new features. Get user feedback early to build things customers love.

LaunchDarkly has enabled us to reduce technical debt and move to modern systems more quickly than we could have imagined.

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Release faster

Less waiting, more innovating

LaunchDarkly feature flags drive CI/CD, DevOps transformation, and other key modern development practices. With LaunchDarkly, software engineers deploy all the time without fear.

Decouple deployments and releases

Developers can confidently ship code to production multiple times a day. And business stakeholders (e.g., product managers) can release that code to end-users at the perfect moment. The ability to decouple code deployments from feature releases greatly increases developer productivity.

Increase developer productivity

Do away with PR bottlenecks and painful merge conflicts. Use feature flags to push code, including unfinished code, to the main branch continuously. Even if the main branch gets released, users won't see your flagged code. Accelerate your engineering efforts with trunk-based development.

Progressively deliver changes

Move fast but with control. Progressive Delivery is a new software development lifecycle that enables safe CI/CD through feature flags. Run canary tests and perform gradual rollouts in production. As a new feature clears key benchmarks, progressively release it to a wider audience.

Migrate safely

Safely manage changes to your entire stack

Modernize your infrastructure while maintaining perfect operational health. Use feature flags to perform cloud migrations, adopt new databases, and move to microservices with fine-grained control.

Cloud migrations

Enjoy the smoothest cloud migrations imaginable. Use feature flags to gradually stand up your new cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, etc.) alongside legacy systems. Test it every step of the way. If errors occur, halt the rollout with a kill switch. If the coast is clear, proceed until you've migrated 100% of traffic.

Database migrations

When migrating to a new database, use feature flags to perform a phased rollout of the new system. At the start, route, say, 100% of ‘read’ and ‘write’ events to the old database, while duplicating 10% of the write events and pushing them to the new database. As you monitor performance, move to the next phase and funnel more requests to the new system.

Microservices migrations

Overcome unexpected roadblocks when migrating from a monolith to microservices. Progressively direct new data, traffic, and requests to the new architecture. Control the behavior of multiple microservices with a single feature flag. Trust that when you make a flag change, it won't bring down any services.

Improve reliability

Take away risk and uncertainty

Releasing faster can be scary if you don't have the right guardrails in place. This is especially true if you’re still deploying with legacy systems. Feature flags let you ship faster without sacrificing reliability.

De-risk legacy systems with instant rollbacks

Turn off any feature or code path with the click of a mouse (or API call) within 200 milliseconds. No need for developers to spend hours rolling back code and deploying emergency fixes. Use feature flags as kill switches to put out fires instantly without having to redeploy.

Safely test in production

When it comes to knowing how a feature will perform in the real world, there's no substitute for testing in production. LaunchDarkly feature flags allow you to safely test features in production well in advance of a product launch. Measure the impact of new functionality on system performance early.

Eliminate risky code and bugs

Teams use LaunchDarkly's feature management platform to troubleshoot and resolve issues in real-time. When you spot a problem with a feature, use LaunchDarkly’s Audit Log to pinpoint the source of the incident, get a clear understanding of what took place, and take appropriate action.

Shrink time-to-value

Shorten the time-to-value for software launches

Release features to users at your own pace. Start small, gain confidence, and ease your way to 100%. LaunchDarkly gives you the tools to get the right features to the right users in less time.

Iterate faster, gather feedback earlier

Expose features to select users in real production environments. Gather critical insights and make tweaks before rolling out to the rest of your user base. Iterate on a feature throughout an incremental rollout. Build things that users actually want rather than hoping you got it right.

Deliver personalized experiences

Divide users into well-defined cohorts and target releases accordingly. Deliver highly personalized digital experiences. Release features to specific users based on their geography, appetite for new functionality, and a host of custom attributes.

Run A/B tests and experiments

Conduct targeted A/B tests, multivariate tests, and experiments to get a detailed look into how features impact user engagement and system performance. See, for example, how an infrastructure change affects the user experience. Once an experiment is done, ship the relevant code change immediately—all in LaunchDarkly.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

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