Make mobile releases safe and predictable.

Increase your deployment velocity, software reliability, and release confidence with the developer’s choice for feature management.

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Boost developer productivity and satisfaction

LaunchDarkly feature flags pave the way for mobile app developers to do their best work.

Standardize fast, low-risk releases

Deploy features to the app store whenever you want. Release to users when you get the green light.

Improve reliability and availability

Deliver incremental changes to your systems with little risk. Rest easy with instant rollbacks.

Use feature flags built expressly for mobile

Enjoy the power of feature flags without sacrificing app performance. Start flagging with our mobile SDKs.

Test, iterate, and personalize

Run targeted A/B tests, beta tests, and experiments. Ship the best variations to the right users.

“It’s very powerful to be able to change user experiences with a single click.”

Eric PallePrincipal Engineer

Deploy faster

Less waiting, more innovating

LaunchDarkly feature flags drive CI/CD while enabling you to negotiate the high variability of mobile app development.

Deploy to the app store now, release when ready

Safely ship features to production whenever you want, even if you’re waiting on code from other teams. Submit your apps for approval and simply enable the new functionality once everything is ready. Decouple deployments from releases with LaunchDarkly to boost developer productivity.

Target by device, OS, and app version

Control who sees what with fine-grained targeting. Shield those using older versions of your app from new functionality that may cause bugs. And give updated users the latest features immediately. Remove the guesswork when delivering features to a varied mobile app user base.

Progressively deliver changes

Move fast but with control. Progressive Delivery is a new software development lifecycle that enables safe CI/CD through feature flags. Run canary tests and perform gradual rollouts in production. As a new feature clears key benchmarks, progressively release it to a wider audience.

Reduce risk

Rid your releases of risk and uncertainty

Releasing faster can be scary if you don't have the right guardrails in place. Feature flags allows you to ship faster without sacrificing quality, reliability, or availability.

Remove anxiety with instant rollbacks

No more waiting for emergency app review cycles. Turn off any feature or code path with the click of a mouse (or API call) in 200ms. When you discover a bug on particular devices or operating systems, disable the defective code instantly without needing to restart your application.

Safely test in production

When it comes to knowing how a feature will perform in the real world, there's no substitute for testing in production. LaunchDarkly feature flags allow you to safely test features in production well in advance of a product launch. Measure the impact of new functionality on system performance early.

Eliminate risky code and bugs

Elite teams use LaunchDarkly's feature management platform to troubleshoot and resolve issues in real-time. When you spot a problem with a feature, use LaunchDarkly’s Audit Log to pinpoint the source, get a clear understanding of what took place, and take appropriate action.

Use flags for mobile

Pursue feature-flag-driven development for mobile

LaunchDarkly gives you the power of feature flags while accounting for the challenges unique to mobile app development.

Leverage native mobile and cross-platform SDKs

Take advantage of our Android and iOS SDKs for native app development in Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Objective-C. Also use LaunchDarkly in your cross-platform apps with our React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter SDKs. Embed feature flags into mobile app development and delivery.

Ship changes instantly, initialize in 25ms

LaunchDarkly's streaming architecture delivers changes to your end-users immediately. If you toggle a flag on/off, alter a targeting rule, or make some other flag change, that update will appear in 200ms. What's more, initialize LaunchDarkly's mobile SDKs in just 25 ms.

Optimize battery performance

Polling mobile devices every 30 seconds incurs significant costs and saps your users’ battery. That’s why our service uses streaming technology. By default, LaunchDarkly only delivers real-time updates to users that have your app foregrounded on their mobile device, thus preserving their battery life.

Iterate and personalize

Create a masterful digital experience

Get user and system feedback early. Continously improve your product based on the data.

Iterate faster, gather feedback earlier

Expose features to select users in real production environments. Gather critical insights and make tweaks before rolling out to the rest of your user base. Iterate on a feature throughout an incremental rollout. Build things that users actually want rather than hoping you got it right.

Deliver personalized experiences

Divide users into well-defined cohorts and target releases accordingly. Deliver highly personalized digital experiences. Release features to specific users based on their geography, appetite for new functionality, and a host of custom attributes.

Run A/B tests, beta tests, and experiments

LaunchDarkly lets multiple stakeholders test different aspects of a new feature in production. App developers run A/B tests to see the effect on latency. DevOps engineers measure the effect on infrastructure costs. Product managers run beta tests. Align around collective insights.

We've been able to roll out new features at a pace that would've been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Michael McKaySr. Development Manager

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