Today, LaunchDarkly released powerful new filtering capabilities to help you find and manage your feature flags more easily. For teams with many flags, filters are a particularly useful tool for building targeted dashboards that save time and support better decision-making.


There are four new filter types available—Maintainer, Last Evaluated, Experimentation, and Data Export. Each new type is designed to help answer a specific question about the state of your features, and when combined can help you efficiently find the flags you need to accomplish common workflows.

Let's take a closer look at each filter, and how they can be used to improve frequent feature flag tasks.

Who is the maintainer of a feature?

Often, you need to find flags based on who owns a feature. Perhaps you forgot the name of the flag your teammate created last week, or you just want to see every feature you're currently in charge of.

One common task is cleaning up old flags. Now you can filter for the Launched or Inactive flags you maintain to find which flags are ready to be archived and removed from your code.


When was a feature flag was last evaluated?

Sometimes, you may need to check which flags have been recently active within a specific timeframe. This often arises when checking if a set of related flags are still in use before removing them from your code.

Whether a flag was recently evaluated has also helped identify the impact or source of an unknown problem or surprise improvement.


Are you running an experiment on this feature?

If your team uses LaunchDarkly's Experimentation add-on to test and learn from your releases, this filter is for you. Quickly find which features have experiments, and use the flag status filter to check whether the newest feature is ready to start your experiments in Production just yet.


Is this flag exporting feature audience info to your database?

For teams who use LaunchDarkly's Data Export add-on to analyze flag evaluation data in your database, you can use this filter to check which flags are currently sending data for analysis and ensure you are exporting all the information you need to help power your business decisions.


More to come

Our product team's primary goal is to empower all teams to confidently control and deliver their software. We'll continue to invest in features like Flag Overviews, Automated Feature Workflows, and Experimentation that enable you to focus on delivering value quickly and safely.

For more information check out our product and API documentation. For questions or feedback drop our product team an email at

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