Unlock enterprise transformation.

LaunchDarkly gives Fortune 100s the power and confidence to innovate faster.


Productive developers fuel business success

The fear of shipping code stifles innovation, hurts engineer morale, and slows digital transformation. LaunchDarkly unleashes developer productivity and creativity by fundamentally changing how you deliver software.

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developer productivity savings


decrease in time to release new features


improvement in MTTR


feature flags served daily

Big companies take on risk when adopting tools. But I don’t worry about functionality, reliability, or support with LaunchDarkly. It just works.


George SwanSr. Director - Build Platform

Trusted by today's leading enterprises. Automate, scale, and standardize safe and compliant releases.

SOC 2 Type II

Trust Services Principles

ISO 27001

Information Security Management System


EU General Data Protection Regulation

EU/US Privacy Shield

Data Privacy Practices

Enable modern product delivery

Test innovations collaboratively

Reducing friction in the software delivery process is crucial for enterprise innovation. Align the whole product delivery team with live user insights. Gradually test and release features to internal and external audiences.

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Running an experiment in LaunchDarkly.
Scale safe releases

Managing releases across business units, time zones, and customer segments is no small feat. LaunchDarkly lets you standardize feature releases with templates, streamlined governance, and automatic incident resolution.

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Feature flag dashboard in LaunchDarkly.
Accelerate app modernization

Whether moving to microservices or migrating to the cloud, LaunchDarkly feature flags mitigate risk and allow you to make infrastructural changes progressively for a seamless cloud journey.

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Infrastructure migration in LaunchDarkly.
Running an experiment in LaunchDarkly.
Feature flag dashboard in LaunchDarkly.
Infrastructure migration in LaunchDarkly.

In a heavily regulated environment, being able to bring the right features to the right customers faster while de-risking the release process is key.

Northern Trust
Melanie PickettExecutive Vice President

Advanced features to help scale innovation

Workflow automation

Feature Workflows ensure every software change complies with your enterprise change-management policies. Automated release practices help enable consistent, safe, and compliant releases.

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Feature Workflows in LaunchDarkly.
Advanced targeting

LaunchDarkly lets you easily segment users for targeting based on any attribute that you define. Create segment rules or integrate with your customer data platform to automatically keep user cohorts up-to-date.

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Targeting groups and users in LaunchDarkly.
Technical debt management

Feature flagging at scale can lead to increased technical debt. But not with LaunchDarkly. Our Code References and Flag Archive functionality make it simple to find and remove flags when you no longer need them, keeping your code base clean and consistent.

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Code References for technical debt management in LaunchDarkly.
Security and administration

Allow your entire team to collaborate on important features while still locking down mission-critical parts of your production environments. LaunchDarkly provides role-based access controls, single sign-on, and a full audit log along with advanced data security measures, meeting the demands of today’s most secure enterprises.

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Access controls in LaunchDarkly.
Feature Workflows in LaunchDarkly.
Targeting groups and users in LaunchDarkly.
Code References for technical debt management in LaunchDarkly.
Access controls in LaunchDarkly.