My Newest Adventure

By Francis Paras   •   May 16, 2017

After spending the past 9 years at Box, I'm excited to be part of the talented LaunchDarkly team. We're addressing a huge opportunity to transform how companies manage software releases. Having completed my first week meeting with team members, learning about the product, and joining customer calls, I can see there's clear value resonating across the market - and we're just getting started!

I've been getting up to speed to educate and guide our customers, learning about the market, product, and long-term vision of the team. We held our first offsite in San Francisco at the DFJ office to discuss our mission and strategy to provide a feature management platform. It's great to see how many companies of all sizes and across all industries want to partner with us and how our focused efforts ensure their success. I'm quickly learning just how fast we're moving to fulfill customer demand.

Edith and John have assembled a great team delivering a solid product, and I'm looking forward to growing the LaunchDarkly footprint by partnering with companies to drive innovation and eliminate risk.

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